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The StonebreakerTM


Premium Performance. Amazing Fit.

Every pair of StoneBreakerTM gloves is constructed of the highest-quality materials, from the leather to the thread, for better protection and longer life. But what really sets us apart is our “second-skin” fit. The gloves conform to your hands like they were made for you. StoneBreakers protect without bulk, provide a sure grip, and retain their fit year in and year out. You’ll handle even the finest handwork and small tools with ease.

Glove Features

01 // Conforms to Your Hands
Our patent pending “Fit to WorkTM” construction gives you a snug fit that improves dexterity and holds its shape.

02 // Materials Matter
High-quality leathers and breathable synthetics deliver real protection, all-day comfort and longer glove life.

03 // Double Protection Extra
Overwrapped Leather

Leather patches at wear/abrasion points and overwrapped stitching provide even greater protection and durability.

04 // Double Stitched Seams
Twice the protection against rips and tears.

05  // 20% Stronger Thread
Reinforced throughout so they withstand the toughest use.

06 // Sealed Shock-Absorbing Padding
Extra padding where your hands need it most for serious, targeted protection without the bulk.

07 // Cuffs for Each Job
Extended cuffs, superior Velcro closures, or both, give you the coverage and seal you need.

Fit to Work