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The Stonebreaker Story:

Fit to workTM

The way we see it, people who work with their hands need two things in a work glove: protection and fit. Protection for obvious reasons. Fit because you need the grip, flexibility and dexterity of bare hands to do your best work.

Before we sketched our first pattern or cut a single strip of leather, we tried on what you wear every day. We knew that gloves the size of brake pads and as rigid a sheet of drywall couldn’t do anything well– except get in your way.

So we talked to contractors, mechanics, landscapers, and trades professionals. You’ll feel their input in every patent pending StoneBreaker design. We insisted on top-quality leathers and synthetics for durability and long wear. And we built in extra features that take work gloves to a new level of comfort, protection and fit. Try on a pair, grab a tool, and you’ll see why fit matters.

The StoneBreaker team has more than 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing, marketing, and, most importantly, USING high-performance gear and tools. Our passion is to improve our customers’ everyday work experience by creating products that fit the individual and the job.

Any glove can protect. Only StoneBreaker gloves fit. Because they’re Fit To WorkTM.

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Engineered to fit, StoneBreakerTM gloves offer superior construction, ultimate comfort and protection, and lifetime durability.
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Our History

We started StoneBreakerTM gloves with a simple idea: to build a superior glove for professionals.
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Fit to Work