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StoneBreaker’sTM Toughest Classics Glove. A Classic farm and ranch look, StoneBreaker’s patent pending Fit to WorkTM platform, and North American grain leather combine with split cow hide to deliver a signature glove for the toughest jobs.

Fit to WorkTM
StoneBreakerTM gloves are developed on our patent pending Fit to Work platform that make our gloves conform to your hand from Day One. Quite simply, there is no breaking these gloves in.

Materials that Matter
StoneBreakerTM strategically combines the highest quality grain leather and split cow hide to maximize protection and durability while giving you the comfort of deer skin.

The StoneBreakerTM Advantages
Reinforced Leather Patches, Double Sewn Seams, Form Fitting Extended Cuff, 20% Stronger Thread.

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1. on 6/23/2015, said:
This glove has lasted me for 2 seasons flying big hot air balloons, 250 flights. I can go through 2-3 pairs of lesser gloves in one season. The glove takes the wear of handling ropes,heat and friction. Love the glove!
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2. on 1/2/2015, said:
I found the Ranchers at a local Walmart. First thing I liked was they are soft, supple, and form-fitting. Other gloves I've tried must be made for people with severely elongated thumbs because many gloves leave me with half an inch or more of extra material hanging off the thumb and it ends up getting in the way. Not so with these. This is also the toughest glove I've worn, and I've gone through three pair in about four months time. Seem like a lot? Not really. I set a heavy pace for a pair of gloves, daily handling tons of heavy steel, light steel, sharp parts, giant and small bolts, etc, and no other glove has lasted near as long or been so comfortable to wear. Plus, they look great. I'm going to order a pair of the Demos after I'm finished typing this and see how they do. The only issue I have is the gloves always wear through on the outside edge of the thumb, where there is no extra patch. The rest of the glove wears well. I've let them know this, so we'll see if they are listening. Do yourself a favor and try a pair of these. I'm confident you'll love them.
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3. on 10/26/2014, said:
Disclaimer -- I do not work for StoneBreaker or have any stake in the company. I am simply a convinced customer. I stumbled on Stone-Breaker gloves at Ricklin's Hardware in Narberth, PA, not too far from the Stone-Breaker offices in Ardmore PA. One of the Ricklin's staff told me that they were the best gloves that he had ever used. Convinced by the construction quality, I got a pair of rancher's. I have been wearing my gloves for a number of months now. I mostly use them for yard work. I have gone through any number of lesser gloves over the years, but these are the best that I have ever found. I have showed my gloves to a number of working men who were either wearing work gloves or were shopping for them. Each person that I have shown them to was excited to get his own pair and try them out. Stone-Breaker has brought an excellent range of gloves to market. Do yourself a favor and find a pair that is likely to work for you. I am sure that you will be pleased.
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4. on 6/6/2014, said:
I just bought these gloves a week ago, and they are absolutely the strongest gloves I have ever owned! They were bought for landscaping without realizing they were the Rancher gloves, but they performed great! Thanks Stone Breaker!
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